The Longest Journey (PC)

The Longest Journey is a point and click puzzle adventure game that spans two worlds and beyond. Originally I played the sequel to this game way back in 2006 and wrote one of my first reviews ever. 14 years later I finally got around to playing the first game in the series.

If you like confusing puzzles and back tracking a lot, this is the game for you. The main element of game play is clicking items in your inventory on everything and on other items of your inventory until you find something that works together. Some Bread, a Rubber Duck, Clothes Line and a Clamp are what you need to get a key. Don’t forget to swing your mouse over the entire screen on each scene as well, sometimes the trigger for the next scene is small.

The story in this game is pretty interesting and has a twist ending that might not actually surprise you. The environments are creative and the graphics are well done. The puzzles in some sections are pretty enjoyable if you don’t have to backtrack much.

Overall the game is better than Dreamfall in that there is more game play / puzzles than I remember that title having. But there are better point and click games in my opinion. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are really into that type of game.

Checkout the VODs over on my YouTube playlist:

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