South Park : The Stick of Truth

I started playing the Stick of Truth in anticipation of the newest South Park game, The Fractured But Whole. I soon found myself enjoying the game much more than I had initially thought I would. The story in the game is solid enough and is somewhat filtered through the eyes of kids playing make believe. Alongside this however is a lot of adult humor and content that earns the game an M rating (18+ in some places). The humor is great and exactly what I would expect from Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

I did have some game play issues with my copy of the game running through steam, sometimes characters would flicker in and out or disappear altogether. This issue really distracted from the game was probably my biggest complaint. A few game mechanics did not flow smoothly such as upgrading weapons/armor and attaching items. I felt as though I was constantly in the menu changing items around or just using items too long to avoid it and fighting enemies that were stronger than my load out.

Overall, I enjoyed the game and it is definitely worth playing through.

Check below for the full stream

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