I started playing this game on a whim, It turns out it is a lot of fun and has a wonderful seed system that creates unique levels for each playthrough. It also pays homage to the early 2D Legend of Zelda games in several ways. The items and power ups require crafting through a robot on the Songbringer ship. A glitch I ran into prevented me from continuing to craft items later in the game. The game also has some really interesting dynamic weather / time changes.

My biggest complaint is there can be entirely too much going on for the low resolution aesthetic the game is going for. as well as some of the level features being muddied up by the weather changes making it hard to tell what is going on. The final boss is super exhausting to battle, he just never seems to die and you will burn through health items.

This game would be a great new take on the Zelda mechanics for anyone who loved those games growing up and I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Check out my playthrough over on youtube at the playlist below.

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