Resident Evil 2 : REmake (PC)

After playing Resident Evil 2 on the N64 earlier this year It was time to crack into the remake during the Spooptober streams I do (Horror game month)

REmake 2 greatly improves the gameplay and environment while changing puzzles and adding new story elements. A purist might be unhappy with the changes as they do stray from the original enough to make a difference in some lore. however I feel this is a good direction for the series as it brings the Resident Evil story to a much more enjoyable experience.

The way these REmake games are played brings a bit more ease to gameplay however the addition of MR. X adds an additional challenge. There is a strong feeling dread when you hear him *STOMP STOMP STOMP* closer and closer as you try to solve a puzzle.

The graphics are wonderful and the audio quality is way better than the compressed noise on the N64 version. Overall this is a great REmake game and worth a try if you enjoy any of the Resident Evil games. The achievements add to the replay value as well (see my Leon playthough for that)

Vods on YouTube:

Claire Playthrough
Leon Challenge run

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