Resident Evil 2 (N64)

To Start off the Halloween Season right I popped in RE2 on my N64 to get a feel for the “worst version” of this game. Honestly I was surprised how nice it looked for a N64 game and it left me wondering why they didn’t port the other RE games as well.

The controls let you choose tank controls “third person” or perspective based “first person” controls, which is really nice as I am not a fan of the tank controls in these games. I do find that when scenes change tank controls are better though. The story is very solid and well built in the world you are set to explore. This entry has plenty of fun puzzles that rarely leave you truly lost.

The cut scene audio was horribly compressed and distorted. some of the screens have really low resolution backgrounds that “bounce” around. I heave heard this game will switch resolution when changing screens using an expansion pack but I didn’t have any issues with my Ultra HDMI N64 since the Ultra HDMI handles the resolution.

Overall this is a great entry in the Resident Evil series. I would recommend playing it at least once if not twice after beating it for the extra content. 8/10 overall.

Check out the VOD over on YouTube:

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