Nightmare Creatures (N64)

Continuing on the theme of ‘Spooky’ games in the month of October I decided to give Nightmare Creatures a try on the N64. The game starts off in the 1800s in London fighting off a demon invasion.

The First couple of levels are really what I was expecting, Creatures popping out and catching you off guard as you fight through the linear levels.

As soon as I hit the first boss the game took a turn for the worse, Dificulty spikes drastically as the boss trashed me over and over. Ever worse it seemed as if every stage after this fight was just endless beat-em-up style game play rather than survival horror.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this game but it is playable and can be fun if the beat-em-up horror genre is something you are into. Id give it a 5/10.
Check out the VOD Playlist below:

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