NES Frustration – Karnov – Completion

This one has been digging at me since childhood, my sister and me would play this for hours and barely make the boss much less finish a level.
This game is HARD and it’s difficulty isn’t due to horrid controls, it actually platforms well, It is the sheer number of enemies and how quickly you can die that makes this one hard.
Levels vary quite a bit, walking, jumping, swimming and yes, flying all happen across different stages. this creates a new type of challenge each time you make it to the next level.
Honestly I had to crack out the game genie on this one, for two reasons… One, I selected Quit instead of Continue a couple times. (WHY is that the first option?) Two, I lost all of my items in the process and finding replacements without restarting wasn’t an option.
You can see the full game playlist below.

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