Cosplay Beach Party 2017

On August 5th 2017 I found myself at an unusual event for me, a beach party for cosplayers. It caught my interest when a couple of my friends were talking about it and convinced me to go. It sounded like an interesting way to get outside and meet some new people.

It was going to be a decently warm day so I decided to wear a stripped down version of my favorite cosplay: A male version of Haruko Haruhara from FLCL. Even though I left half of the costume home, a good number of people recognized and appreciated my outfit. I was asked, “Did you know they are making another season of FLCL?” about a dozen times.


Throughout the day there were DJs playing music and people having fun playing volleyball, swimming and other beach activities in the park. Later that afternoon there was a cosplay contest with a trophy for first place and a cash prize.

First prize went to  The Phreckled Cosplayer as Commander Shepard from Mass Effect:

Pictures Courtesy Lazy Fox  on Facebook

Click here for more pictures!

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