Castlevania III : Dracula’s Curse – Vampire Hunting

Drezirale and I continued our Castlevania Marathon with one of the more tedious entries in the series, Castlevania III: Dracula’s curse.

We jumped right into this game with Trevor Belmont and his whip the Vampire Killer on a mission to kill Dracula. Along the way to Dracula’s castle Trevor meets with three playable companions with different abilities. Grant Danasty who can climb on walls and control his jumps, Alucard, Dracula’s child, who can shoot fireballs and fly when transformed into a bad, and Sypha Belnades who has several different magic sub weapons that are very powerful. You can only have one companion join you on your quest so you must choose carefully.

The game starts out solid with some basic platforming and enemies that dispatch with ease, this however quickly changes as the difficulty curve spikes in some levels. I was so stuck on Tower of Terror, we ended up using game genie codes (seriously this was taking forever) to finish the game. Unfortunately the reason I found the game so challenging once again where controls that did not seem to respond to the action you were trying to perform, specifically on stairs when you try using a sub weapon and just end up climbing the stairs into an enemy above.

I found a good portion of this game enjoyable, but the lack of control causes it to fall into frustration. You should be able to progress through a level once you have learned the tricks to completing it only to get damaged when trying to use a sub weapon on the stairs. The music was also not as enjoyable as the first Castlevania game in my opinion.  I give this game 3 Rosarios out of 10

Watch below for the complete playlist of videos from this stream.


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