The year was 1998, I had just popped in a Banjo-Kazooie VHS tape Nintendo Power Magazine had sent me. They had me interested immediately, I had to play this new game! After renting it and realizing I had no idea what I was doing I never picked it up again until now. After getting a copy of Banjo-Tooie in a trade I realized I had never picked up Banjo-Kazooie again after that initial play 20 years ago.

Fast-forward and here we are on Twitch booting it up and cruising through the levels on a long holiday weekend. This game was exactly what I had wanted all those years ago and I never gave it a chance. I was getting stuck from time to time and finding myself referencing a guide to keep things moving. There were a few key places that the game had such a challenge that it was frustrating such as Mr. vile being the example that sticks out in my mind.

Most of the environments were very fun and fit a well put together theme and only one of the music tracks was really obnoxious (Rusty Bucket Bay). The gameplay slowly built up abilities and progressing seemed mostly smooth. I did hit a wall in Click Clock Wood where I had most of the notes but died before collecting the last few.

Overall Banjo-Kazooie is a great game with a lot of play value, I would go as far as to say it’s a 9/10 with only minor flaws. I am not sure about the replay value as it seems like there wouldn’t be much draw to coming back to this one so onto Banjo-Tooie we go!

Checkout the Twitch VOD over on YouTube:

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