007: The World Is Not Enough (N64)

007 TWINE is the next entry in the world of James Bond directly following Goldeneye for the n64. Unfortunately this game doesn’t even begin to hold a candle to Goldeneye. It however does follow the movie fairly well.

The graphics in the game are pretty solid for a N64 title. The game has quite a few levels with different objectives that keep it somewhat fresh.

The clunky controls to switch gadgets on the watch combined with stealth missions where it was nearly impossible to be stealth and an escort mission in a submarine where 1 hit seemed to be a loss left me wanting to play Goldeneye instead. In addition the swimming mechanics of the last level were horrific and beating the game by pressing a button had me so lost I wandered off looking for a boss.

Overall this game felt like more of a chore rather than an enjoyable experience. I would skip this one and play Goldeneye.

Check Out the playlist Below.

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