South Park: The Fractured But Whole

We started playing through The Fractured But Whole after completing The Stick of Truth and it felt as if the two games flowed into each other pretty well. The game play did change completely and this was a welcomed move from the earlier game. Throughout The Fractured But Whole, there were great jokes, uncomfortable moments and horrible atrocities. Just as you would expect from the South Park writers.

Gameplay was improved significantly but the battles did seem to drag on at times, other times the real time elements would catch up with you in the turn based battles before you realized what was happening. The battle system, Inventory and power ups were easier to manage. However, the menus seemed poorly laid out in places. Finding artifacts after a big fight to upgrade your character was much more enjoyable than in The Stick of Truth where you had to buy new weapons constantly.

When the end of the game came to us, “That’s it?” was our immediate reaction. The final battle was not what we had expected; it seemed almost too easy considering some of the battles throughout the game were much more challenging. The story did have decent closure even if a little convoluted.

Overall the game did seem to drag on at points but was quite enjoyable,  I would recommend picking it up on sale.

Watch below for the full YouTube Playlist of the stream

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