When you hear “From Cyan, the indie studio that brought you Myst, comes a new sci-fi adventure.” It is hard to put the nostalgia goggles away. Obduction brings a similar puzzle based trek through interconnected worlds with new mechanics and a fresh lore that does not seem to intersect with the Myst universe. Personally, I feel as if this fresh universe was the best way for Cyan to come back from a long hiatus from creating new games.

Starting the game off in a new world, you will be greeted with some narration and some great visuals that set the tone for the remainder of the game. The puzzles in the game are all reasonable enough with a couple of red herrings to lead you astray. Do not be boondoggled too long by anything you may find that it was all a jape. Each world in the game has unique visuals and some intriguing clues as to what is going on in the world around you.

The game features some mechanics that add to the challenge/ gameplay that can seem tedious. Teleporting back and forth to solve a puzzle would not be so monotonous if there was not a load screen EVERY SINGLE TIME. Knowing exactly how to solve an impassible area but having to traverse a huge level to flip a switch can be a little annoying. The numbering system in the game did not seem to make much sense and after exhausting some effort in trying to decipher it, I resorted to a guide for answers. It turns out you were supposed to travel back and forth every time to a decoder in order to find your solution.

I found Obduction to be a great puzzle game that was not excruciatingly difficult but still posed some perplexing puzzles that took some real thought to decipher the clues you are given. The game was very reminiscent of the Myst series while being a complete standalone to the games I have played. The visuals in the game were a great draw, but I felt as if the quality could have been better in some of the details.

Overall Obduction was an enjoyable experience with great puzzles and good visuals. The graphical details could have used some more attention. The numbering system puzzles should have been a little more accessible rather than requiring a cross game trek to punch in a few digits into a decoder. The Easter eggs were very obscure and complicated as they should be. Overall, I would recommend picking this one up if you enjoyed playing Myst or similar games.

I do hope that Cyan creates another Myst game in the future but for now, it appears there will be new games like Obduction coming.


Watch below for the full YouTube Playlist of my Obduction stream.

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