Conker’s Bad Fur Day (N64)

How could they cram this much childish humor into a single Nintendo 64 game? That is the question anyone who plays this game should ask. I ended up playing this on an N64 in it’s original dirty glory rather than the re-release where they cut some things.

The game has some pretty light hearted missions that are MOSTLY pretty easy to make it through after a few tries. Then WAR were declared, This level was obnoxious with the one hit kills, I spent over 90 minutes trying to get across a beach to the exit. quite a change from a mission where you attract bees to a flower then jump on her….

Visually the game is appealing and the graphics stay in one art style. there a tons of pop culture references from the games time dating it somewhat. The soundtrack is…. interesting…. entire songs made of farts come to mind.

Overall this was an enjoyable experience but I wouldn’t put it on my top 10 games list. Its worth a play but maybe skip the WAR level if you can.

You can check out my stream VOD over on youtube as usual

Conkers Bad Fur Day Playthough

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