Misc Gaming


  • 5 race championship with points to determine winner.
  • Spec races in the GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr
  • Track and laps will be announced the week before the race.
  • Races each Sunday Starting Feb 19th
  • 30 minute qualifying session
  • Races should take about 1 hour to complete (laps are calculated based on a lap time)
  • Qualifying starts at 5PM (EST) sans technical difficulty


(yes this is borrowed)


  • No metal to metal that causes significant damage or an off course (Penalties will be assessed)
  • You must show up 15 minutes before the race to run
  • No screaming on the team speak or mic spamming allowed, you will be muted.
  • Blend lines are not a suggestion, You must not cross them.
  • Give Racing room (Call out passes if you are able, and setup your view so you can see people passing)


  • Windows computer and an internet connection
  • Project cars with all DLC we are using
  • Team Speak
  • Driving skill

Racing wheel

If everything goes well we will hold more events through the year

Contact me to apply to race (antinull on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197971796291 )


Race 1: Laguna Seca
Laps: 30
Car: GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr

Finishing order and Points:

  1. Jimerson86 – 25
  2. Dogapult – 20
  3. Antinull – 18
  4. Drezirale DNS – 0

Race 2: Nurburger Ring GP Track
Laps: 24
Car: GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr

Finishing Order and Points:

  1. Jimerson86 – 50
  2. Antinull – 40
  3. Friend – 35
  4. rado – 32
  5. dogapult – 30
  6. Drezirale – 28

Race 3: Watkins Glenn
Laps: 26
Car: GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr


Current Points standing:

  1. Jimerson86 – 75
  2. Antinull – 58
  3. Dogapult – 50
  4. Friend – 35
  5. Rado – 32
  6. Drezirale – 28



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