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So I finally played a game that had been hyped up most of my life and I have to say its a pretty Solid game. The biggest thing that annoyed me was the horrid key card system, Switching through 8 cards in a random hope to get the right card in a room filled with gas or other traps is ridiculous. The next major annoyance was the lack of directions or hints when it came to the maze areas (navigating randomly up left upper right down would have been endless). The constant deaths were not actually the worst thing about the game when you consider you re-spawn with all of your items and the bosses stay dead. That being said I am glad I finally got a chance to play this one through.
Thank again to Drezirale for helping out and being my guide through some of the more difficult areas.
metal Gear


Thanks for stopping by, I wanted to catch up on some recent events.
First off, I reached 50 Followers on Antinull’s Twitch which is great. Then I finished off Earthbound (SNES) for the first time, you can check out the entire stream on Earthbound Youtube Playlist . Finally I wanted to congratulate all of the winners of game giveaways. If you didn’t know I typically give away games during my stream on Saturdays and on some Sundays.

Congratulations to our past winners :
derpinguin44 (3)
Balance of evil
Jcbspence (5)
LuzOb (15) Seriously, he is in the stream 90% of the time it is active, so he wins a LOT
drezirale (2)