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Running With Scissors is releasing a remake of the original Postal game this Spring. It will be on Steam for windows, MAC and SteamOS in spring and PS4 later this year.
This remake will include new graphics and a new “Rampage Mode” that sounds like a GTA-esque Kill Frenzy for points.
From the looks of the screenshots the game will have updated graphics but maintain the atmosphere, which is something this game would really benefits from.
You can check out the teaser on Running With Scissors’ website
Original Graphics:
postal 1
New Graphics:


CAVE Interactive Co., Ltd. Announced recently that Deathsmiles will be released on steam March 10th
CAVE refers to this game as “Bullet-hell” and it is one of the more insane Shoot ’em up games I have seen.
Deathsmiles features 5 “angels” to play as and two player co op over 6 different game modes.
It’s great to see more console/arcade games ported to PC lately.



Only a year after Carmageddon Reincarnation was released on steam, a new Carmageddon game is slated for release on home consoles this year.
From the looks of the trailer you can still turn pedestrians into red puffs and destroy your opponents in a race to the death.
But wait, It’s not coming to pc? wha!? Actually according to this post from a developer it will be released on Steam for free!
Not many details but it might act as an add on to the purchase of Carmageddon: Reincarnation.



Ben has done it again, this time rather than making a home console portable, he has made a portable console… well, not portable.
He took a Game Boy DMG1, hooked it to an FPGA converter outputting to a computer monitor.
Then he built a GIANT Game Boy system to handle button inputs.
He also chose to use GREEN only, paying homage to the terrible screen on the DMG1.
Overall a really cool project, check it out on YouTube by clicking the video link below.

ben hecks game man