Continuing along the Resident Evil series, I decided to play Resident Evil 1 HD remake. Gone are the frustrating 2 player switch mechanics of RE:0. but the new surprise was zombies who not only came back to life, they became stronger and faster when they did. The story line was entertaining and the game progressed pretty solidly with very little need for outside guidance throughout the series. I would rate this game above RE:0 simply because it was much more enjoyable and the story made more sense.

Overall this game stands on its own feet as a great survival horror game and it is no wonder that it has spawned so many sequels/prequels and remakes.

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This is another old review I wrote a long while back.

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of war is a real time strategy game or RTS created by Games Workshop, Relic and THQ. The game is based on their popular turn based table top game Warhammer 40,000. There have been several Warhammer 40k games before this release but none of them this entertaining and fun.
The game took me several days to beat id say about 20 actual hours of game play on normal difficulty (there are 3 difficulties). This game unlike its predecessors had a solid story line to go along with the carnage and explained why things were happening in the game. The story line keeps you wondering “what’s going to happen next?” a very important aspect.
The games engine was a HUGE improvement over the prior releases by GW. I think one of my favorite parts is how the video turns into game play in one fluid movement of the camera. The graphics are good but not GREAT considering it is a 2006 pc title. I would also say the sound is good decent background music and good in game effects that let you know when someone is attacking. The games structured building was very intuitive as it lets you know what you cant build yet and why, pointing your mouse over an item will tell you its requirements.
Overall I liked this game and was well worth my money. This is what GW always needed in a Warhammer 40k game. The game really makes you think about War 40k’s universe in a more imaginative way. DOW was however not much of a challenge but there are 2 harder difficulty levels and online play making it have very good replay value. I definitely recommend this game for players of Warhammer 40k and any RTS fans.

9/10 Game play
7/10 Graphics
6/10 Audio
7/10 Replay

7.25/10 Overall


This is a rather old review I wrote, I decided to share it here.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is an action-adventure game created by Fun Com. It’s a game about Zoë Castillo a young student who has recently dropped out of college to sort her life out. Her dad is leaving town for the time being and she is having a party with her local female friends and ex boyfriend. Her ex ends up disappearing and she is trying to find him. That’s the motivation through most of the game. It didn’t seem to motivating to me though as I was bored for 2/3rds of the game.

After beating the game in 12 hours with out really having to put any effort forth I was disappointed. I would reclassify this game as an interactive action-adventure movie. About 75% of the time you will spend playing the game really isn’t spent playing the game. It is spent watching the character interact with other characters and do actions. There are even some really lovely cg scenes in the game but there are entirely too many cut-scenes. The time you spend between cut-scenes is very short and straight forward there are no real options and everything is very simple.

The game engine its self was very simple as you couldn’t walk into certain areas that a person would normally be able to. Every time a character walks upstairs it looks like there legs are being swallowed by them not to much effort there. The snow falling effects were nice but very much over used. Through out the game you control 3 different characters with different goals. The fight scenes were very hard to control and easily beaten if you just hammer the heavy attack button until they die when the fall off guard.

Over all I would say this game was a waste of money good thing I rented it. The only good thing I noticed was decent voice acting / syncing and a good musical score. But beat the game in less than 12 hours with lots of breaks with no help from a guide book or walkthrough. If the company decides to do a 3rd game in the series it would be very hard as they (spoilers). Anyways if you want to play this game still I highly suggest renting it.

1/10 Game play
6/10 Graphics
9/10 Audio
1/10 Replay

4.25/10 overall