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Being released over 20 years after the original, DOTT remastered is completely redrawn and updated. One of the more interesting offers is the ability to switch between remastered visuals and audio to original video and audio. There is also a commentary track featuring some of the original creators as well as a playable version of Maniac Mansion.
It is expected to be released 3/22/16 for  PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.


I decided to take a break during the rage inducing play through of TMNT for the NES and tackle the next game selected by poll, Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf.
This was a bad choice, the game is just broken and nonsensical in the way it controls and gives you no real judgement on what clubs will do what.
Overall I didn’t like this one and there are far better NES Golf titles out there.
check the video out below.

fighting gold


Today Microsoft announced they are ceasing development on Fable Legends and they are discussing with employees a proposed closure of the UK Lionhead Studios.
Fable Legends was announced in August of 2013 and was expected to be released for the 2015 holiday season.
The game was supposed to play in a similar fashion to Evolve where 4 ‘hero’ players take on one ‘villain’ player.
It was also planned to run cross platform between the Xbox One and Windows 10.
There is not much information as to what delays they were experiencing, but it seems the Windows 10 Store exclusive PC side of things may have been a wrench in the works.
More from microsoft:


It appears Nintendo is pushing hard to sell the “NEW” 3ds systems with their most recent batch of eShop games
Pilotwings, Super Mario World and F-Zero will be available today but the SNES downloads are only for the NEW 3DS or NEW 3DSXL.
Meaning for some reason they won’t play on the 2ds or 3ds hardware.
In addition to those games Super Mario Kart, Earthbound, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Legend of Zelda A Link to the past.
But why are these games only available for the “NEW” system? Many of these titles were playable on old hardware such as the GameBoy Advance.
More information is available in the Nintendo Direct video.


Sony has made a couple big changes recently for two of its systems.
The original PSP system’s Playstaton Store access will end March 31st.
Apparently content can still be purchased via the PlayStation Store website and in game content will still work.
The PlayStation TV will also no longer be shipped in Japan. Sony stopped shipping the Playstation TV in the USA last year.


Microsoft announced recently that Forza 6: Apex, a curated version of forza 6, would be coming to windows 10.
Apparently capable of 60fps 4k resolutions, something consoles can’t even image currently, it will be released as a free-to-play title.
In reality it appears to be a pay-to-win setup where you either dump an eternity into earning coins or just pony up cash to buy content unlocks.
I am both excited for Forza to finally be released on a system that can show it off better whilst disappointed in the marketing aspect and “Windows 10 only” release.