• 5 race championship with points to determine winner.
  • Spec races in the GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr
  • Track and laps will be announced the week before the race.
  • Races each Sunday Starting Feb 19th
  • 30 minute qualifying session
  • Races should take about 1 hour to complete (laps are calculated based on a lap time)
  • Qualifying starts at 5PM (EST) sans technical difficulty


(yes this is borrowed)


  • No metal to metal that causes significant damage or an off course (Penalties will be assessed)
  • You must show up 15 minutes before the race to run
  • No screaming on the team speak or mic spamming allowed, you will be muted.
  • Blend lines are not a suggestion, You must not cross them.
  • Give Racing room (Call out passes if you are able, and setup your view so you can see people passing)


  • Windows computer and an internet connection
  • Project cars with all DLC we are using
  • Team Speak
  • Driving skill

Racing wheel

If everything goes well we will hold more events through the year

Contact me to apply to race (antinull on steam )


Race 1: Laguna Seca
Laps: 30
Car: GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr

Finishing order and Points:

  1. Jimerson86 – 25
  2. Dogapult – 20
  3. Antinull – 18
  4. Drezirale DNS – 0

Race 2: Nurburger Ring GP Track
Laps: 24
Car: GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr

Finishing Order and Points:

  1. Jimerson86 – 50
  2. Antinull – 40
  3. Friend – 35
  4. rado – 32
  5. dogapult – 30
  6. Drezirale – 28

Race 3: Watkins Glenn
Laps: 26
Car: GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr

Finishing Order and Points:

  1. Jimerson86 – 50
  2. Friend – 40
  3. Antinull – 35
  4. rado – 32
  5. Dogapult – DNS
  6. Drezirale – DNS

Race 4: Monza GP
Laps: 24
Car: GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr

Finishing Order and Points:

  1. Friend- 50
  2. Jimerson86 – 40
  3. Antinull – 35
  4. Rado – 32
  5. Dogapult – 30
  6. Drezirale – DNS

Race 5: Nürburgring Combined (GP AND RING)
Laps: 8
Car: GT5 Ginetta G40 Jr

Current Points standing:

  1. Jimerson86 – 165
  2. Antinull – 128
  3. Friend – 125
  4. Rado – 96
  5. Dogapult – 80
  6. Drezirale – 28



I was challenged by a friend to do a daily stream for the holidays.
I present to you: The 31 days of NullMas (starting December 1st)


  • Day 1
    Game Played: Broforce
    Game given away: Hacker Evolution
    Winner: Icelord02
  • Day 2
    Game Played:Space Engineers
    Game given away: Lux Delux
    Winner: Durakken
  • Day 3
    Game Played: Space Engineers
    Game given away: Pressure
    Winner: Icelord02
  • Day 4
    Game Played: Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 , Team Fortress 2, And Space Engineers.
    Game given away: Cook, Serve, Delicious!
    Winner: Durakken
  • Day 5
    Game Played: Binding of Issac, Spin Tires
    Game given away: Make War Not Love 3 (Streets of rage 2, Binary Domain, Condemned Criminal Origins)
    Winner: banana799p
  • Day 6
    Game Played: Spin Tires
    Game given away: Retro City Rampage DX
    Winner: trains6824
  • Day 7
    Game Played: Sven Co-op
  • Day 8
    Game Played: Fistful of Frags and Team Fortress 2
  • Day 9
    Game Played: Zone4, Fistful of Frags
    Game given away: Space Engineers
    Winner: LuzOb
  • Day 10
    Game Played: Spin Tires
    Game given away: Hacker Evolution Untold
    Winner: LuzOb
  • Day 11
    Game Played: Space Engineers
  • Day 12
    Game Played:Grand Theft Auto 5 Online
  • Day 13
    Game Played: Flatout 3
  • Day 14
    Game Played:SNOW
  • Day 15
    Game Played:Space Engineers
    Game given away: Her Story
  • Day 16
    Game Played:Space Engineers
    Games Given away: Big Pharma, INK
  • Day 17
    No Stream, Blame Drezirale
  • Day 18
    Game Played: Star Tropics, Overwatch
  • Day 19
    Game Played: Overwatch
  • Day 20
    Game Played: Star Tropics, Overwatch
    Games Given away: Never Alone + Foxtales DLC, Make War Not Love 3 (Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops & Viking: Battle for Asgard.)
  • Day 21
    Games Played: Overwatch, Rampage Knights
    Game Given away: Out of the Park Baseball 17
  • Day 22
    Games Played: Space Engineers, Overwatch
    Games Given away: Anomaly 2, GRID, Democracy 3, Binary Domain
    Winners:Durakken, Luzob, Icelord02, Durakken
  • Day 23
    Games Played: StarTropics
  • Day 24
    Games Played:GTAV Online, Teleglitch,
    Games Given Away: Out of the Park Baseball 17 , Train Simulator 2016, Septerra Core, Saints Row 2, Psychonauts, Outlast
    Winners: awsomeman12_pc, awsomeman12_pc, luzob, icelord02, icelord02, Drezirale
  • Day 25
    Games Played: Grand Theft Auto V,  Overwatch
    Game Given away: Magicka 2
    Winner: simplyawesome664
  • Day 26
    Games Played: Overwatch
    Game Given away: Kholat
    Winner: dogapult
  • Day 27
    Games Played: Insurgency, StarTropics
    Game Given away: World War II Panzer Claws
    Winner: Rado
  • Day 28
    Games Played: Overwatch
    Game Given away: Gunpoint
    Winner: Rado
  • Day 29
    Games Played: Overwatch
    Games Given away: Tomb Raider 2013 GOTY edition, Heckabomb
    Winners: Dogapult, LuzOb
  • Day 30
    The day my internet went down.
  • Day 31
    Games Played: CheetahMen II, Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario Party
    Games Given away:Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package, Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition
    Winners: LuzOb, Durakken

    Thank you for watching everyone!
    Stay tuned for more streams and more giveaways!



Continuing along the Resident Evil series, I decided to play Resident Evil 1 HD remake. Gone are the frustrating 2 player switch mechanics of RE:0. but the new surprise was zombies who not only came back to life, they became stronger and faster when they did. The story line was entertaining and the game progressed pretty solidly with very little need for outside guidance throughout the series. I would rate this game above RE:0 simply because it was much more enjoyable and the story made more sense.

Overall this game stands on its own feet as a great survival horror game and it is no wonder that it has spawned so many sequels/prequels and remakes.

Click below to view the stream playlist on youtube.



Being released over 20 years after the original, DOTT remastered is completely redrawn and updated. One of the more interesting offers is the ability to switch between remastered visuals and audio to original video and audio. There is also a commentary track featuring some of the original creators as well as a playable version of Maniac Mansion.
It is expected to be released 3/22/16 for  PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.


I decided to take a break during the rage inducing play through of TMNT for the NES and tackle the next game selected by poll, Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf.
This was a bad choice, the game is just broken and nonsensical in the way it controls and gives you no real judgement on what clubs will do what.
Overall I didn’t like this one and there are far better NES Golf titles out there.
check the video out below.

fighting gold